I got a thing that when life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up. Then you can get up.


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Daddy...I...hit someone today...on the playground... I made their nose bleed...

"Hmmm… You hit someone today, right?" he pondered, sitting down and placing them on his lap with a light frown. "… You must’ve gotten angry at them, right? Getting angry, I get that. Sometimes, daddy got angry too." he stated softly, lightly nudging his fist against their jaw. "But you gotta know… It ain’t a good thing, little star dust… Hitting other people is not good. Even if they started it… You gotta be the one that says ‘i’m not doing it back, i’m better than that’. If someone hurts you… Someone your age. If you can, then come to us… Tell us what happened, and we will talk to their parents. Because what they did is wrong."

He took in a breath.

"Do you know what this phrase means, little stardust…? Do unto others, as you would done unto you…"

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Daddy, why don't I have little spikes in my hair like you?

He pondered for a second, staring up at the ceiling before picking them up and carrying them up the stairs. “You know. It’s a little secret how I get mine. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get any.” he stated, giving a light grin as he placed the child before the mirror. “Now… Close your eyes.”

There was a hesitance before eyes were scrunched shut.

"And no peeking."

"I’m not!"

"Hands in front of your eyes!"

A sulk, tiny hands moved in front of the eyes. Larger ones started fuzzing around with the child’s hair, causing an occasional giggle from the kid that sat before him.

A few more minutes and—

"Alright. You can look."

Hands moved away, eyes fixed on the mirror. And a smile curled around their lips.

"Little spikes!"

He let out a laugh, picking up the child and placing a kiss to their nose. “Now you have your own little spikes for the day, little stardust.”

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Papa, will you take me star gazing like you an' daddy do?


"You needn’t even ask, little stardust!" commented the male with a gentle laugh, picking the child up and throwing them up in the air, catching them easily and nuzzling close. "How about… When daddy comes home, we’re all going to go out and look at the stars? For this time, you can stay up." he stated, lips curving up in a toothy smile.

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i didn’t know michael was afraid of ice and i find it rather funny considering how much i relate ice to derek


But yeah, he does XD You won’t know until he’s faced with it, however.

twohalvesofthesamewhole sent:

Where did his fear of ice / Ice-Types come from?

From quite a few years back, to be honest. It wasn’t even the fault of the Pokémon. Since there was no Pokémon involved. But it scared the hell out of him. He was young and being locked in a small place didn’t suit well with him. You know those big freezers you got? He got locked inside one of them. With the freezing inside being.. Well.. Really cold. Had he not been found when he did, he wouldn’t have been here anymore, probably. It just left a permanent scar on him.

He needs to learn to let go of his fear for ice and ice type Pokémon, however. I have yet to find out how.